About the event

The leader for the Concrete Industry event in the region.

Providing a meeting point for the real players of the industry in the country through the best and most complete specialized with great projection at national and international level forum.We bring together experts from the construction, manufacturing, distribution, and buyers of public and private sector; generating as a result, large business opportunities.


Concrete Show Mexico offers:

  • 3 days of connections
  • Technological innovation
  • Cycles of lectures by industry experts.
  • Topics such as sustainability, new technologies, applications and uses of concrete and cement.



12 to 14 October 2016



Centro Banamex, Mexico City.


Why Mexico?

Mexico is the 13th largest economy worldwide. With a value of $ 1'200 billion, it has maintained an average growth of 3.9% in GDP over the past four years. It is also the most open in the world thanks to its more than 44 free trade economy.

Our country is one of the 15 largest cement producers in the world, and our construction industry generates more than 5.6 million jobs.

The National Infrastructure Program 2014-2018 presented by President EPN, plans to invest 7.7 billion pesos divided into 6 sectors:

  • Communications and transportation
  • Energy
  • Hydraulic
  • Heatlh
  • Urban development and housing
  • Tourism

This plan allows for competitiveness, economic growth and social welfare.

Through the development of cutting-edge facilities in airports, roads, ports, telecommunications, railway, power plants, oil complexes, pipelines, dams, hospitals, urban infrastructure and tourism development, among others. 


Centro Banamex


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